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Pere Ubu Interview
June 14, 2008, 6:53 pm
Filed under: Revisiting the Old

Pere Ubu I don’t know how I missed this! There’s a great interview with David Thomas of Pere Ubu over on Razorcake’s website – here.

Pere Ubu’s newest album, Why I Hate Women, came out back in September of 2006, which is probably when this write-up originally came out…guess I missed it! Also, we’ve just recently (in the last couple months) seen an onslaught of ridiculously affordable reissues of their early classics brought to us by the Cooking Vinyl label. We’re talking $9.98 here. Including The Modern Dance and New Picnic Time, yes. If they cost more at your local shop, they’re either upping the price on ya or they’re still sitting on some of the last versions. But hell, $9.98 for some classic Ubu is phenomenal!

If you’re unfamiliar, I would say this is your best chance to get very familiar. Take advantage of that price tag while it lasts. If your local shop doesn’t have it, they should easily be able to get it as the label is pretty widely available. Don’t take no for an answer. These guys forged the path for a lot of the modern artsy indie/punk that we’re seeing today. From the ashes of Cleveland’s influential proto-punkers, Rocket from the Tombs, came none other than the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu. Two of the most influential, yet radically different punk bands in the States. How they both came from the same turbulent, erratic band still amazes and confuses me. That by the way is a fine album too – The Day the Earth Met Rocket from the Tombs. Speaking of, if you can find Peter Laughner‘s, the guitarist/songwriter, compilation record – Take the Guitar Player for a Ride – buy it. And then send it to me. Or keep it for yourself, whichever. Give some Pere Ubu a listen and you’ll see why we’re allowed to be so arty with our punk and indie.

Anyway, I was just extremely excited to come across that interview, so I thought I’d share with anyone else bored at work. Check out the CDs!!!


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