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Starting again.
June 14, 2008, 1:04 am
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So I’m removing myself from my old blog and branching out into another one. At the old space, I feel I kind of pigeon-holed myself into sticking to news in the punk and garage world mixed with lots of complaining and bad rambling. Now, while those genres (punk & garage) are still two of my main passions in music, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I, right off the bat, limit myself to what I talk about and listen to. Even if you don’t mean to, you kind of perpetuate your mood that way. Kind of catching yourself in a rut. There’s a lot of stuff out there and keeping the blinders on doesn’t help at all. It’s time to soften up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with a little pop music.

So what did I do? I flipped on G105 as I drove Rachael and I home from one of our good friend’s houses out in Sanford, about an hour away. It was actually a perfect, late night drive. In Richmond I could make a quick ten minute drive to visit a friend, now grown up (or “adultish”) in North Carolina, I’ve started finding it a lot of fun to drive an hour away from town to visit people. It’s like a mini-vacation, even if it is only for a few hours. Just a few years ago I couldn’t have even been bothered to drive more than 45 minutes to see someone.

But anyway, in an effort to soften up the ol’ brittle, jaded, snuffy record store clerk’s exterior, I ventured into unknown territory. I remember liking the standard pop music while growing up, so what makes this so much different?? Besides the immense crap. But wait, hasn’t a lot of it always been crap? Isn’t that the nature of radio these days? And even twenty years ago? Whenever I am in the car with my sister or Rachael’s sister, I realize just how out of touch I am with modern music. Sure, I can ramble on about some hot new garage 7” or what that Minneapolis punk band without a recording out yet did at the house show in Raleigh last weekend, but shit if I know who this is playing on the radio. Oops. And then I remember – I’m supposed to be a proprietor of a record shop. Damn. Yeah, yeah, it’s an indie shop and technically I don’t have to know that stuff, but when it comes down to that – I should.

So this’ll be my journey back into rediscovering the new. I’ll actually start to listen to the promos I get; I’ll actually check out that new indie buzz band that I stock but have never actually heard; I’ll get excited about upcoming non-punk shows again; and so on. That’s my intention at least. Let’s see where it gets me.


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Don’t feel bad about being in touch with what’s available on the more mass accessible media. Only so many hours in the day. And with the outlets for music being so varied and fragmented these days (radio, friend’s recommendations, internet radio, pandora, lastfm, slacker, satellite radio, etc..) it’s no wonder that we’re all living in our own smaller, more specialized bubbles of music interest.

But I will say that I’ve also experienced these breakout moments where I’m suddenly exposed to a raft of stuff outside my normal personal bubble. This alien stuff (even if it’s mainstream or pop alien stuff) sounds new, weird and different. You hear it with fresh ears, which can trigger new ways of thinking about it. Kinda cool.

But I’m still in love with how it sounds inside my little bubble.

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