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Saturday, June 14th @ BCHQ.
June 17, 2008, 12:15 am
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This past Saturday, Grappling Hook curated a night at the Durham collective space – BCHQ. By the time 9:50pm rolled around, people had begun to show and the bands had just figured out who was playing first. The soon-to-be-renamed Travesties finished a little bit of tinkering and slid into the first song of their second show just as the clock hit 10pm.

Now, I didn’t get to see the band that three of these five men had previously been in together a little over five years ago, but I’d heard rumors and I’d heard stories. Apparently they were a band to experience. Sorry I missed them. This band is comprised of current and ex-members of: Pipe, Superchunk, the Chest Pains, Jett Rink, etc. A fine showing of local talent. There are obvious nods to some influential proto-punk (Television, Pere Ubu) and some great New Wave/Powerpop. I’m very excited for the emergence of this band in our area, and seeing as this is only their second show, we can expect some great things in the near future.

The Travesties:

Next up was Hazerai. Like always, this Chapel Hill post-hardcore group delivered what they came to lay down. Amazing bursts of technicality and brittle melody crammed, strained and convulsed through the stale air inside the space. These guys are never a disappointment. Think – Shellac, Fugazi, etc.


Next up, none other than local legends – Grappling Hook. Grappling Hook awakened as the Torch Marauder yearned to take his one-man music/performance act to new heights and took on a full band while dropping blue body paints and capes. Sure, it’s easy to miss the comedy and vhs deck-savvy of past Torch, but this new project is metal-mayhem purity. We’ve got parts of Cheap Heat and Maple Stave in this fiery concoction as well. There are even a few lingering ghosts of bands gone by…Analogue, anyone? We’re looking at some epic prog/70s heavy rock here. Get it?

Grappling Hook:

Enjoy!! I’ve got a bunch more videos of past shows to post as well! Stay tuned!


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