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Saturday, June 21st @ Lu’s
June 25, 2008, 12:54 am
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All Your Science‘s CD release with Clawform (Colin’s Black Metal Banjo Project) and Sequoya!

A great, positive night all around. One of the best formats for running a CD release is out of your own living room. Entirely. And this was just one more example that went to prove it. Lu very graciously accepted a bunch of Durham’s rowdiest kids into her house on a rainy night prime for tracking mud through each and every one of her rooms. The street was tucked away right near 147 and right off one of our busier streets in a spot I didn’t even know existed! It was a dead-end street hidden in a wooded area right off the highway. If anything, it was a pretty reassuring spot for a good house show which would probably go un-visited by the party police. This DIY setting was perfect for the night ahead of us. I showed up with a bag of three tallboys and we were off for the night.

First off was Sequoya. I pulled my rickety, squeaking bike up into the yard just as they were starting their set. Perfect timing. Another powerful acoustic guitar and banjo set for the night. They remind me a lot of the mood laid down at a Gillian Welch / David Rawlings concert. However, then they toss at ya a curve ball once you’re thinkin you got them pegged. Like this Crass cover they did. Incredibly moving.


Next up was Colin and his Clawform project. If I were to do the math semi-correctly, I’d have to guess this is only his second or third time playing out in this manner. I’d seen him once before at a BCHQ show and I was incredibly at awe to hear the addition of programmed death metal organ into his current set! Not only is he playing guitar-pedal-laced banjo against a menacingly thick black metal drum machine backdrop, but there’s now creepy, ominous all-holy-hell-raisin’ organ weaved throughout the tracks! Oh my. Ever since his grad program died down a bit for the summer, I’m thinkin he’s got a little bit of extra time on his hands. Here’s what we’re talking about:


Last up and closing out this charming evening was none other than All Your Science – why we were gathered here tonight. As always they stunned the crowd with Lu’s heavy washes of melodic guitar snapped into pieces and held in place by Dave’s whip-driven minimal drumkit. Dave plays only the parts of his drumkit that he can carry on his bike as that’s how he travels to his shows. With this in mind and watching him wail at a three piece mini-set, I’m always amazed how he truly is one of the area’s finest drummers. Not convinced? Watch the following video. I’d never seen a piano-based All Your Science song before and we got a nice dose of them this night. It was pretty amazing.

All Your Science:

A box of CDrs was passed around during their set and people put in a few bucks to take out a spray painted and stenciled release. Perfect. My only complaint for the night was that they played too short of a set (which really is not a complaint at all). While trying to pay a compliment to Dave about it, I stammered and awkwardly exclaimed how I would have liked them to play longer…loud enough that everyone sort of uncomfortably allowed me to keep mumbling to myself afterward. Oops. Regardless though, I do agree with their philosophy of playing short & sweet sets.

After I had had my share of cheesecake and unclaimed bottles of beer in the fridge, I hopped back on my trusty, rusty bike and fled home. I really need to get a helmet. It was a good night.


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