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June 29, 2008, 2:30 pm
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Another thing I’d like to do with this here space is showcase upcoming events from time to time. Hopefully this might get to the point where people will start commenting on the shows themselves which will hopefully in turn spark some more interest in them. So comments (negative or positive) are highly recommended!!!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008.
@ BCHQ. (723 N. Mangum, Durham.) 8pm. 5 bucks.

MONIKERS (myspace)
LIKE HELL I WILL (myspace)
BEGIN-AGAINS (myspace)

I know, a little late on this one. It’s just a few hours away at this point, but hell, figured it wouldn’t hurt to say something! I’m pretty damn psyched for this show. One of the ones I’ve really been looking forward to this summer. The Monikers are on their way back south from Insubordination Fest, one of the biggest (pop) punk fests on the east coast. Probably only rivaled by No Idea Records’ The Fest down in Gainesville, where they’re also guaranteed to be playing each year. And where it’s also guaranteed you’ll find me…with a million other beardo kids weaving the streets.

The Monikers play in that marvelously gruff-vocalled pop punk tradition nailed down by Crimpshrine, early Jawbreaker and yes, even Leatherface (who they paid tribute to on this comp). The good ol’ summer afternoon beer-in-hand, smile on face, sittin on the porch type of punk. Feel good punk. Nothing like some high energy, sweat and hooks to ease the long day’s work outta mind. Ryan (guitar/vocals) honed his skills slinging it with Discount back in the day. A legendary Gainesville pop punk band from the 90s. [Hint: members went on to the Monikers and The Kills.] But you didn’t hear that here. Can’t wait to see these guys again tonight! If you want a taste of what The Fest in Gainesville is like, this is the very tip of the iceberg.

I’m equally as excited to see two new local bands on the scene. When younger, newer bands pop up around the ol’ mainstays, it’s always invigorating. Not necessarily a changing of the guards, but a new life gets breathed into a scene that’s been slacking it out. Tonight we have: Like Hell I Will and the Begin-Agains. Which are actually pretty close to the exact same line-up, but with a rearranging of positions and instruments. An interchangeable backing band and shuffling of frontmen. Yeah.

Like Hell I Will are for the most part from Raleigh and come heavily ‘Mats-inspired. Kickin’ up dust and tossin’ a little rowdiness and wordiness into their brand of laid back punk-rawk. Geoff fronts this group and can also be seen as a backing member of the Begin-Agains. These guys are definitely a welcomed addition to the area!! The Begin-Agains feature Ben who used to play in the Adversity. He is a highly integral part of the local punk/diy community. He’s young (in high school), but still one of the most active pieces of what’s going on around here. Within songwriting (Begin-Agains) he sticks mainly to light-hearted, catchy-as-hell pop punk a la Screeching Weasel and the Ergs. Outside of songwriting, he’s usually positioned behind a drum kit (Like Hell I Will). This is one of the first shows for the Begin-Agains and one of the first handful of shows for Like Hell I Will!!

If’n you’re bored swing out for the show!
Stay tuned for pictures/video from the show.


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