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Wednesday, June 4th @ the Cave.
June 29, 2008, 3:39 pm
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The Feeling of Love (France) with Pinche Gringo (Greensboro).
The Cave in Chapel Hill.

Mid-week garage shows can be harsh in the Triangle. It’s sad, but true. However, if you’re lucky enough to catch one coming through to the Cave, it makes it fully worth pulling yourself off of yer couch and yer comfort zone to head out there. Down the steps you go, past puddles of beer and stubbed out cigarettes. Through the door to the basement, you’re met with a small front stage area (minus the stage) and a long, stretched out room with a bar running the length of it. Perfect setting for a sweaty, garage rawk’n’roll show. Cram in if you can.

First up we had Pinche Gringo. A piece of the sadly defunct Spinns. Pinche Gringo is the one-man band garage/blues project of Josh. it’s a sound that would fit perfectly at home on a label like Bomp! Records. Soulful, dirty, trashy and rawkus. I’m pretty psyched to see more of him around town! It’s a stiff dose of one-man bands past and present (Hasil Adkins/BBQ) with some great 60s garage worship. You can hear one hell of a record collection hiding behind his sound.

Following Pinche Gringo were another couple of out of town bands. Annoyingly I’ve spaced on their names. One was basically the band French Kiss Coma but with a rearranged line-up I believe. Anyone remember the name?? Crap, sorry. [Edit: It was the Dragonfly Hunters!! Much better name.] They were pretty good. Loud, psychedelic indie sounding stuff. The other band really liked Nirvana, or maybe just Kurt Cobain. Hmmm.

Next! The Feeling of Love! From France. Our French buddy and liaison, Pascal, organized this tour for them. He had brought Cheveu through last time they came to the States. Somehow we became the only stop between New York and Florida. Ouch. On a Wednesday night too. New York was apparently great and I’m sure Orlando, FL was a mess too. Errr, a good mess. One of their labels (and one of my favorites for garage) – Florida’s Dying – is based there and had organized a full night. Based on the 7″ that I’d heard of Feeling of Love, he was a one-man trash-garage band. Great 7″ actually. Noisey and chaotic disguising great songwriting. On this tour, he had filled out to a three piece. Seb Normal from the Normals had picked up into the band! It was actually really, really good.

Feeling of Love in stock.


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