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Saturday, May 31st @ James Joyce
July 4, 2008, 1:18 pm
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Dry Heathens (Durham) CD Release!!
with Red Collar (Durham)/ Dirty Little Heaters (Durham).

Tonight was the night for the long awaited release (in any format) of recorded material by the Dry Heathens. It’s been a long time coming. We gathered on the patio of the James Joyce in Durham and proceeded to let the cheap cans of beer fly. If it was gonna gear up to be a good night for Durham music, we, as the audience, had an obligation to gear up ourselves. Luckily there was a quick-service outside bar. Perfect. There also just so happened to be a gas station with fully stocked tallboy coolers half a block up. We were off.

First up we had the Dirty Little Heaters. I didn’t get any video footage of them. And I’m kickin myself pretty hard. It was my first time seeing the new line-up and it just about floored me. I hadn’t seen that much raw power at a live show in a long time. It sent full shivers up my spine ending in a grin across my lips. Wow. Even re-listening to the tracks on myspace just now re-shiverred me. Check out ‘Railroaded’! The old guitar/drums duo line-up was good, don’t doubt it, but this was phenomenal. Reese howls like you’ve never heard someone in your hometown howl. She even musters up the energy to twist those howls into lyrics and powerfully hooky melodies. Dave, the drummer has been in countless Chapel Hill bands (including Jett Rink) and currently also plays bass in the Travesties. Rob, the bass player, used to spend his time in the Spinns and I believe he does some sound work for the Local 506.

Next up we had Red Collar. As always Red Collar sent a current through the crowd and had the whole place moving, sweating, smiling. These guys are also working on a release right now. When that finally gets pieced together (I think they’re currently in the mastering process), there’ll be no where for them to go but up. It’s gonna be reeeeal good. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re a cross between working-class rock and punk (Springsteen/the Clash) and that good ol’ angular/energetic DC and Chicago 90s indie rock sound. If you have yet to see them, please do, they’ll, guaranteed, win ya over.

Red Collar:

Next up, to close out the night in a tailspin, the Dry Heathens lugged onto the stage. The audience was just well enough lubricated and glassy-eyed by now to ensure one hell of a release show…as well as one staggeringly dangerous front stage area. The Heathens swung into their first song and the crowd was right there with ’em. If you’re not too up on these guys, they’re the band you want to go see after a hard day of work. Especially in a bar setting. They take a lot of cues and habits from the ‘Mats themselves and toss in a good amount of Reigning Sound-influence to keep the dirt stirred. A true, twangy garage rawk’n’roll sound. It’s a genuine Texas/Memphis sound worked right here into North Carolina.

Dry Heathens:

(covering ‘Bastards of the Young’. oh my. this was a good example of where the night ended.)

More to come this afternoon! It’s slow ass slow in here!


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