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Stock Check: WEIRD TALES from the floor.
July 9, 2008, 8:00 pm
Filed under: New Music, Tales from the Floor

I’ve got so much stuff sitting in here. Stuff that’s been here for a couple hours, stuff that’s been here for a couple years. This is stock at random.

I ventured allllll the way across my narrow room over to the 7″ bin, closed my eyes and grabbed into the stacks. All of that stuff I have in fact ordered at some point in my running-Bull-City-Records career, but most of it I have no recollection of. Soooo. Let’s get to rediscovering. I’ll listen to it first, get an idea of it and then do some research on it. Then comes lots of blabbering!

First test:

LHS – Death Metal in Jerusalem 7″ (Bony Orbit Records)

Bold move. The record starts off with a trashy, loud cover of the Sonics’ “The Witch.” They even lengthen it a little bit by interspersing noisy breakdowns and freakouts (with saxophone!!) further separating the parts. Yelps stretch out of the singer landing him somewhere in the vast no man’s land between vocalists Gerry Roslie (Sonics) and Jello Biafra. Pretty awesome, chaotic version. I don’t know why you’d start off your 7″ with a cover these days though. However, it did pull me in.

The next track sounds exactly like it came out of 80s California. It’s titled “Straight Edge Punk” and it sounds like it could easily be off the first Suicidal Tendencies LP. The singer even brings a little Circle Jerks style humor into the track. Fast, loose and chaotic once again with lyrics slurred and quickly spoken over the driving music. I can see the thrash kids blaring this bowl-side.

I’m kinda really getting into this now on its second go-round. If you’re a fan of the Brutal Knights or the Dustheads (which you should be), then you’d definitely dig this. It’s fast, scuzzy punk with skater and stoner tendencies. A little Black Flag with a little 70s heavy rock. Good stuff actually.

It does not look like they’re from Jerusalem though. Sorry. Nor do they branch of into Death Metal. Those two things aside, that’s one awesome 7″ title. It’s recorded in Cocoa Beach, FL in 2006. If it had not of mentioned that on the sleeve, I would be checking the internet right now to see if it was some lost gem from the 80s. There’s the usual ‘Thank Yous,’ but included after that are the always welcomed ‘Fuck Yous.’ Highlights from this section: Charles Darwin and corn whiskey. Oh yeah, if you had not deduced by now, their name is the Libyan Hit Squad. Obviously.

Time to close up shop! ‘Til later!


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