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This Past Weekend, Pt. 1
July 15, 2008, 4:47 pm
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It’s been a busy week here in Durham!! It’s really amazing to think that just a year or two ago, I’d travel to Chapel Hill and Raleigh once or twice a week for shows. Durham proper was just dry. Friday – Monday was booked solid with amazing shows and I hardly had to spend much gas money!

This post (and the ones that follow) are for Cy Rawls.

Friday night started with hesitation. With three shows looming ahead of me at BCHQ on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I wasn’t sure if I should start the weekend off with a bang or a bed. My partner was outta town so I had packed as much into the weekend as possible. She obviously doesn’t mind me going to shows, but I needed to create something to occupy my time and keep me busy. Watching her parents’ dogs just wasn’t enough I suppose. What better way to keep myself busy than by spending it with outta town friends?!

So Friday night I went out and I’m glad I did.

Hacienda was playing a friend’s house just up the street. He had a few house shows before and I had unfortunately missed all of them. Newly signed to Alive Records, Hacienda was already starting to get a good little bit of press and praise. And rightly so.

Hacienda @ Craig’s House, Durham.
Friday, July 11th. 12am.

What follows is something I wrote after returning home a couple beers happier. There’s a little bit of editing, but this is pretty much how my blabbing went. I figured it would be better than trying to recall it the next day….

I’ve always wanted to live out a scene in Animal House. To experience a truly wild, energetic Friday night party. To experience the – who cares if my hands are in the air and my feet are shuffling backwards as I almost fall over – feeling. I’ve been waiting to really feel the power of a true, original FRAT BAND.

I know. It sounds silly maybe. But then remember what a frat band was in the 60s. We’re talking the Sonics, the Kingsmen and all those other influencial garage bands that broke rock onto the next plain. The ones that started the “punk” movement. The ones that stripped away any civility and politeness that was trying to work itself into rock’n’roll and soothe the masses as opposed the keeping the masses on their feet. They brought it back down to the floor where it belonged.

The idea was – they were the DJ. They were the stereo for the night. They brought the party to its tip-toes or its knees. If you were that good, you controlled the crowd without hardly even trying. Only breaking a smile and a slight sweat as you sent currents through the closest 50 kids. They were you and you were them.


Thanks to our buddy Craig, his hospitality and his comfy little house, we were treated to this in the form of the best house show I have experienced in about ten years. It did exactly that. The night ended in spilled beer, stale air, raised arms and sing-a-longs as the crowd refused to let the band stop playing. I would not be surprised to hear that they played for a full two hours, playing every song in their repertoire. The night splintered into covers of 60s rock songs, sweat and shakes.

We came for Hacienda. A San Antonio band that we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the near future. They’ve struggled down an interesting path almost putting a record out with Fat Possum, hitting some roadblocks, and then stumbling onto Alive Records – one of the current best rock’n’roll labels – who quickly scooped them up. Alive is about to help release one of the best records of 2008. One more score for the label.

Hacienda is a four piece. Four dudes, mostly brothers, who are truly genuine and appreciate the pureness of music. They’re as well versed in the boogie and rock of the South just as much as they are the twang, melody and harmony of the West Coast. These guys embody the steady, thick and bouncy rhythm of Creedence, the subtlety, beauty and frailty of the Byrds and the drive and swoop of the Stones or the Band.

Actually, to double back on myself, they convey everything that spawned those bands even. They are the 60s garage/pop that birthed the miscreants that became the first boogie, trash rawk generation come back to us 40 years removed.

Stay tuned into these guys. Their album should be out in September!!


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that is a fat, fat, hairy, hairy man.

Comment by currincy

“It’s been a busy week here in Durham!!… Friday – Monday was booked solid with amazing shows.”

People need to hear things like that, you know? Great! Where’s Part 2? 🙂

Comment by Rebecca

part 2 is almost up!! waiting for some youtube footage to load and then it’ll be here!! thanks so much for reading!!

Comment by wnng

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