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This Past Weekend, Pt. 2
July 16, 2008, 5:38 pm
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Saturday was soon upon us. As it follows Friday. And starts with grogginess.

Still for Cy. [Updates]
‘Cause readin a blog is just as good as going to a show, no??

Saturday I took the liberty of closing the shop about 45 minutes early. Because I can. And I’m allowed to. Walked the dogs real quick and hopped in the car to head just a mile up the street to the Nasher Museum of Art right here in Durham, NC on Duke’s Campus. The Nasher focuses more on modern art, so it’s just my speed. What an absolutely amazing place to catch a performance. And not just any performance. Les Savy Fav was taking the “stage” and there were rumors of backdrops and video. Oh yes. Back to the Nasher real quick. Go if you have not, it’s free to Durham residents. You might even get lucky and see my dog, Rothko’s namesake. Yes, that’s right, we’re art nerds. We were two of the maybe five Art History majors at our college.

To say the least, I was ridiculously excited to see this band in this setting. I had never seen Les Savy Fav before, but I had wanted to for years. It was a celebration for the closing of an exhibit by Barkley L. Hendricks, called Birth of the Cool. It was a pretty impressive collection. Great portraits displaying amazing personality and character. More on that later hopefully.

What’s the connection between art, Les Savy Fav and Durham? Well, let me just tell you! Harrison Haynes is the drummer for the New York based Les Savy Fav. He resides in beautiful Durham, NC where he and his wife, Chloe Seymore, run the wonderful art space – the Branch Gallery. One of Durham’s many shining assets. This is where the art and music communities of Durham and New York meet and shake hands and something sickly and sweetly awesome takes place. Like Les Savy Fav playing on the lawn of a contemporary art gallery among lawn installations in Durham, NC.

Onto the music:
Watching will do better than my explaining. But if you have not experienced the maniacal post-punk meanderings of LSF, please do. Soon. Here it started at 8:30pm on the dot.

Les Savy Fav:

Also, Syd Butler, Les Savy Fav’s bass player, runs one of the best (and one of my personal favorite) indie labels out there currently. Frenchkiss Records. Who have released amazing albums by the Dodos, the Apes, Fatal Flying Guillotines, Les Savy Fav, Detachment Kit, etc, etc, etc.

=======later that evening========

Sadly I had to leave before the encore performance. However, where that took me was over to BCHQ for the after-show and the rest of the night’s festivities!! I made it there by about 10pm, just in time to catch Colin’s Clawform project. Sadly, because the computer plays a heavy part in his solo band, a few technical difficulties spoiled the fun. Stupid computers.

Next up were Hammer No More the Fingers who unsurprisingly slayed it again. Lately, they’ve been busy recording up north a bit with J. Robbins. Yup, I can’t wait to hear those recordings either! They play a highly energetic and bouncy set deeply rooted in late 90s indie rock along the lines of Ted Leo and Pavement. The sound tonight was a little bit more muddy than normal, which in my opinion, worked awesomely in their favor.

Charlotte band, Yardwork, followed them. This is somewhat of a collective/supergroup consisting of members of Control, Calabi Yau and Des Ark, among others I’m sure. They’re riding the new wave of psychedelic, DIY big band, shout-along, happening-rock. Event-rock? Post-happenin’-shimmy-rawk?? I dunno, what’s a good term for it? It’s all based on a happening it seems. Smiles, shouts, swoops, bounces, 2 drummers, 1 percussionist, guitars, dumpstered instruments, everyone singing, etc. It was pretty cool, I’d definitely be into checking them out again.


And then…then came the new lineup of Des Ark. Oh man. I’d been waiting for this one. Not only is it based on the amazing DIY-punk/post-punk songwriting skills of Aimee, but flanking her on this campaign were Evan Rowe (Maple Stave, Grappling Hook, etc) as drummer and Noah Howard (Tiger Bear Wolf, Marijuana Wolf, Transit Union, etc) as second guitarist. Two guitars, one powerhouse drummer. It was phenomenal.

Des Ark:

It was also a record turnout at BCHQ and the first time I have been able to pay every single band (out of towners and locals) and the space was able to squirrel away a little more for this month’s rent!

We were out of there by about 2am and I was off for home to rest up swimming in anticipation of the 3rd night of my music binge weekend.