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This Past Weekend, Pt. 3
July 18, 2008, 2:11 pm
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Okay, 3rd night of the Durham sweat-fest.
Let’s recap – the first night was Hacienda (on Alive Records) at a house party, second night was Les Savy Fav, Des Ark, Yardwork, Hammer No More the Fingers and Clawform at two different spots and now, on Sunday night the 13th, we head back to BCHQ.

Let me also just add that while this was going on in Durham, just 10 miles away in Chapel Hill, the Club is Open Festival was raging. I was bummed to miss all of that as it was entirely local-band-focused, but hell, I was happy there was even a choice to be made!!

Sunday July 13th @ BCHQ.
the Ergs! / Hunchback/ The Drowsies / The Begin-Agains.

I’ve written about the Ergs at length here already, just check down a couple posts at one of the Upcoming Shows posts. We’re talkin’ brilliant, feel-good summer pop punk. The best out there. Like all your favorite songs from Grease but rolled into a nifty little DIY pop punk package. And yes, even better than Less Than Jake’s Grease cover album. Although that was pretty awesome.

I’ve always had trouble describing Hunchback’s sound. It’s a great mess of noisy keyboards, heavily distorted guitars and clubbed drumming. They’ve played the shop here before, but we never really geeked out over music together. That usually helps me get inside a band’s collective head and understand them better. When they showed up at the shop, they brought with them tales of the recent Butthole Surfers’ gigs at the Asbury Lanes up in Jersey. I sat and listened wide-eyed and amazed as they excitedly and equally wide-eyed recounted the show to me. I still have not seen the Surfers despite them being one of my favorite bands. But then again, some might say that I have too many favorite bands, thus making it impossible to actually see all of them. Dammit. They could be right.

Anyway. Between the chatter of the Butthole Surfers, a Killdozer t-shirt and the open praise of Scratch Acid on stage, I finally got it. That right there sums it up and it’s all you need short of seeing the video and pictures that are about to be put down below. Throw in some harmonica and some songs that are as good as any song Neil Young might have written (just disguised under layers upon layers upon oceans of feedback), and you’ve got the brothers and sister Hunchback.

The Begin-Agains crashed open the show. Their second show ever. I don’t have video from this show of them, but I’ll put some up from their first show a couple weeks earlier. Already starting to tighten up a little bit. Amazing, youthful pop punk. Worthy of Plan-It-X or Lookout!. Next up were the Drowsies and they were the absolute best I have ever seen them. Toting two cases of Cheerwine on stage with them (I guess this is their Faygo), they slammed through some of the best, fastest, catchiest punk in the area. Still representing from the school of the Descendents / Dead Milkmen. Brilliant. Easily one of the best east coast pop punk bands and I’m not saying that from a biased perspective. Music school dudes playing pop punk, how can it not end in something classic sounding?? Hunchback followed them and then the Ergs.

Photos & Video….



(sorry for the dark video, it didn’t compress so well to youtube)


(again, became too dark once uploaded)

The Ergs:

(dark again, but i guess you can still hear it at least. anyone know of a solution?)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go unpack the Gentleman Jesse LPs that just showed up from Douchemaster Records. I’m anticipating this to be one of my top 10 for 2008. It’s been a long week and a half waiting for this to show up on my doorstep.


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