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This Past Weekend.
August 14, 2008, 2:47 pm
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Or a couple ago.

A few weekends ago our friends – Bek, Kym and Heather – put on a benefit at BCHQ. This started off just a couple months before as a small, ramshackle idea that had been passed around and was met with a little bit of interest. By the time Heather was done curating it and throwing her promotional skills behind it, it had turned into a full-fledged, all out, day-long event. Somehow it pulled together in the month leading up to it and exploded into an amazing finish on Saturday, August 2nd.

For some reason the city of Durham tends to frown down on people posting flyers around the city, with this in mind, I’m amazed at the turnout and the buzz that was created for this event all through underground avenues and word of mouth. A little piece of Durham that never ceases to amaze me. There seems to be this buzz that runs down the sidewalk in whispers about stuff happening tucked away in houses or art spaces.

Anyway. What started out as an idea to promote and raise awareness and funds for a documentary project turned into a day which gave a glimpse into how great our little area is. It was a celebration of local musicians, artists and friends just as much as it was a celebration of awareness and things to come.

This was the line-up from headliners to openers: John Darnielle (of Mountain Goats – solo and acoustic), Megafaun, Mount Moriah, DJ Mel York, Embarrassing Fruits, Beloved Binge, Shayne O’Neill (of Future Kings of Nowhere – solo and acoustic), Des Ark, Allelai, Shawn Luby, Timothy Thomas Cleary, Arty Lovelight & His Pickled Piano and a vegan brunch cooked by Chef Shirle.

Unfortunately, due to work, I missed the bulk of the day’s fun, but I was able to swing out in time for the last three acts. Which were amazing. If only I had been able to be there the whole day!


“The Eye Opener”: A Celebration of Trans-Continental Awareness.
A couple of BCHQ’s board members are working across continents on a project working with trans-gender awareness. Specifically with the Hijra communities of India. I believe there’s a photo book in the works at the moment. Pretty exciting! Stay tuned for more on that….

Wikipedia / BBC
(on the Hijra community)

Some highlights:

John Darnielle (with some great praise about Durham!!):


That’s the first song of the set leading into the second. It’s a good representation of the full, bipolar swing of their shows. With their haunting blend of psychedelic campfire folk, they slowly draw the listener in, get ya to the edge of your seat and then swoop in blindsiding the audience with a shout-along-stomp-along-sweat-along beat. Feedback and noise drifts in and out weaving across their Appalachian folk melodies and twist the music into a modern psychedelic soundscape. Check here for another song.

Mount Moriah:

Achingly beautiful country rock. Heather McEntire fronts a ridiculous amount of bands in the area (see also Un Deux Trois and Bellafea), each as another outlet for and exposing a different side of her songwriting. She is joined in this outfit with Jenks Miller (Horseback, In the Year of the Pig, Un Deux Trois, Hem of His Garment, etc) and Brad from Megafaun as well as some other musicians I recognized but could not place. Definitely give it a listen!! Amazing melodies.


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