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The Toadies?
August 19, 2008, 4:55 pm
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Umm…So I doubt if many people noticed today, but a Toadies album just slipped into the new release pile. Rubberneck is easily one of my favorite and most listened to albums of the ’90s. It was a powerful, angry, punchy record that came out just in time for our generation of post-Nirvana ripped-clothes, dirtied-hair high schoolers (and our girlfriends) to fully latch onto and embrace as our new record to get us through the day. It was the record played full blast, windows down to and from school, at home and on the weekends spent driving around with nothing to do. For me it even made a bit of a comeback during the summer of 2004 as the pre-bar (and post-bar for that matter) cranker with my roommates. We were trying really hard not to grow up. But shhhhh.

But onto the new album – No Deliverance. Let me just say this right now, whatever bad reviews have been written or are about to be written saying something about “an old band trying to reclaim old glory” or something blah blah blah along those lines, don’t believe it. It’s not true. They probably haven’t really listened to the record and already had the first witty line of the review worked out when they saw it in the review bin. Honestly, I’m writing this after only hearing the first track. And it did it. All the guts, all the grit, all the growl, it’s all there. It’s the album we’ve been waiting for from them for, what, ten years now? More? It sounds like it could have come out of the same recording sessions as Rubberneck even. Ancient throw aways from a period we think back to fondly with ten or more years put between us. The songwriting is still on point, sung with howls and hooks and the music is as fresh as it was in Texas in the early 90s.

The thick, slimy guitars are still churning, overpowering every other instrument on the record and the singer still has the same southern, clench-jawed drawl. Charming. You can hear them sort of trying to revisit their hits in places, definitely trying to give the full album the same appeal (loud song, semi-creepy-slow song, etc.), but overall, it’s a brand new record. I’m not gonna place it into the pile of dudes trying to recapture something they once had ten years ago, we’ve seen enough of those and this doesn’t deserve the same treatment. The band sputtered out well before they could accomplish all the records they were supposed to make. This is just the next in line. Could be one year later, could be thirteen. Who’s still counting the years after high school anyway?

Maybe I’m just writing this while too excited, but shit, I’ve been waiting for this album.

For those of you trying to remember why the name sounds so familiar – they’re the ones that wrote “Possum Kingdom” and “Tyler” among others.

Don’t go and visit the record label’s page just yet. It’s a little depressing with all their boasted promotions with F.Y.E. and Best Buy, so give it couple weeks and then do your research. Hell, I understand the point of those promotions and selling your releases, but do those places really care about the band that they’re selling? Are they gonna be the ones to say – “yeah, this is new and good, check it out” – chances are they’re not even allowed to play it in the store. It’s still confuses me.

But you know, whatever.


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Your beloved Toadies are coming to the cradle Nov 14th.

Comment by Kyle

wanna go on a date to see them?

Comment by wnng

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