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A Winner!!
August 26, 2008, 6:33 pm
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In the Red Records is and will always be one of my dearest and most favorite labels. They’re the ones responsible for starting me on a garage binge a handful of years back of which I have never quite managed to fall off the wagon (Feast of Snakes – s/t 12″). Anything they put out, I’m there salivating and waiting to pick it up on the day it’s released unto us hounds.

Well, then I guess about a year or so ago, I hit a bump and stopped collecting In the Red releases. I think I even missed ordering a couple for the shop. Sacrilege, I know. I apologize. However, today something was released that has restored whatever faith I might have lost in this label. I didn’t really have any reason for this behavior, I think I had just gotten cranky, it wasn’t that they weren’t putting out good releases. Sometimes I just get mad at garage in general. Love / hate, you know the drill.

Davila 666 – self titled CD (In the Red)

Wow. Before you read this, just know that you will have to eventually pick this up, so set aside that $12.82 (yup, that’s after tax! Don’t say I never did math for ya.) from your pocket right now and prepare yourself to fill that cold void you’ve been feeling from the garage rock world recently. Well, until the next great garage release of the year comes out. Even then though, I’m pretty sure this is still gonna beat it and see more plays in my stereo. So pick that beer outta the fridge and prepare to have your soul patched back up.

The album starts with a howl and a Stooges riff. The production is warm, fuzzy and ancient sounding. Whoever did the work got the right sound for the album as it’s got that perfect lo-fi fire within it, making it sound as if it’s been in the can since the late 60s or 70s. The guitar lines are the lazy, the tambourine offers up a loose backbone to the clubbed drumming and the lyrics are slurred, distant and crackled. The best thing about it – I have no clue what the actual subject matter is but you can feel it deep in your gut. These guys are Brazilian PUERTO RICAN and stick to their native language, even down to the song titles. It’s great. Too often things are translated or reworked for other (American) audiences and you lose a lot of the original flare. With this it feels like actually getting in a raw tape or import CD from some band we wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled across. It’s got an air of mystery to it.

If you’ve even remotely been digging the Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show or the Deadly Snakes in the last few years, this here is exactly what you need. It’s sneery, playful, driving and reckless. Loose, bouncy and fun. Chaotic, messy and a bit sloppy. All in all, it’s just a good record. Think about how much you’ve been looking for a modern day Stooges and how much you love the party-in-a-band aspect of the ‘Lips.

Thanks for pointing this out Marco!


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They are from Puerto Rico not Brazil. This is the album of the year. Love it.

Comment by Mr. T

They are from Puerto Rico not Brazil.This is the album of the year for sure. Love it.

Comment by Mr. T

These doods are from Puerto Rico not Brazil,the name kinda sucks but the band?

AyAyAy this shit is BADASS!!!!!!

Comment by Bitchy Mcbitcherson


Comment by sweetjane

davila 666 are from puerto rico…

Comment by ouch

man, that’s embarrassing. sorry about that guys!! the band is from Puerto Rico, not Brazil. shoot.

Comment by wnng

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