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Here it comes.
September 5, 2008, 1:31 pm
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Prepare yourselves for the next onslaught of Douchemaster Records releases! It’s coming at us around September 16th if all goes well. Clear some room in the bank account ’cause I’m pretty sure you’re gonna need ’em. Douchemaster is one of my current favorite vinyl slingers and they’re based just down the road outta Atlanta. With Goner Records they’re the current leaders in solid powerpop and garage peddling. Nothing (save for a 7″ here and there) that I have gotten from Douchemaster have I been disappointed with. The release or two that I can recall go back a year or two anyway, so they’re in the clear now.

Recently they brought you the Gentleman Jesse & His Men LP that everyone loved. Best powerpop record of the year. Already mentioned it a few posts ago if you want to read a little blurb on it. That piece of wax is still currently sold out and outta print, but we should see the next pressing soon enough. If you haven’t grabbed it already, do so on the next release.

Anyway, here’s what we’ll be seeing around September 16th (and what Bryan Douchemaster has to say about them):

Perfect Fits – Radio Transmitter 7″ [buy]

Scott Rogers and Co. bring you two more tracks of Memphis style Pop. If you’ve managed to score a copy of the Contaminated single then you know these boys got home run hooks. We like them because they keep their tunes tastefully rough around the edges. File this one under PUBubblegum.

Wax Museums – Wax Museums CD/LP [buy]

Apparently there is absolutely nothing to do in Denton, TX but write songs. We feel privileged to bring you the first full length album from the extraordinarily prolific Wax Museums. You know what to expect at this point and The Wax Museums deliver. Fourteen tracks of killer Educational Punk.

Sweet Faces – Four Song 7″ [buy]

Brian Hermosillo of The Fevers is back with an awesome project he did a while back while farting around Holland. Fever B is probably the most meticulous songwriter we have ever worked with, and this record is a testament to his attention to detail. This is how Pop is done. This sucker is big time bang for your buck too with four songs.

I don’t think I’m familiar with the Perfect Fits, but with any kind of powerpop or garage that’s coming out of Memphis, chances are I’m gonna love it! Contaminated is a phenomenal label run by Alicja Trout of Lost Sounds, Mouse Rocket, etc, etc. fame, so her label is definitely one to trust! Psyched to put this on the player!

The Wax Museums have already put out a 7″ on Douchemaster and one on Fashionable Idiots among others and can be found blazing through towns with their brand of mongoloid garawge. They played the Cave back in January with Cheap Time and cranked it to the 5 of us huddled around the bar without even thinking twice about it. Scuzzy, Wipers-lovin’ dudes with ironic? mustaches and goofy grins. Like they’re just playing one long joke on us and are accidentally creating solid, noisey rawk’n’roll. Really can’t wait for this full length!!

Sweet Faces. This’ll be the first I’ve heard of them, but I know and love me some Fevers. Trashy and jittery rawk held together with a sleazy powerpop backbone. I’ve got a CD of theirs in the the shop on Alien Snatch Records that I’ve worn out over the speakers on a few too many days. Great pop sensibility hidden under a couple layers of booze and lost chances. If you’re looking for a modern day Wreckless Eric, this could be the release. Well, I guess besides the man himself anyway.

Git ready!


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I’ve gotta make it in and pick up that Wax Museums! Can’t wait to hear it… the single on Fashionable Idiots was great.

Comment by Daniel

yeah, i totally missed the new Fash. Idiots single, but i’ve dug the last couple 7″s! they’re sold out of it, so i’m hoping Ebullition or someone might still have copies.

how was the Sleaze 7″ and the new Sinks 7″?? psyched to hear those as well!!

the full length is gonna rule, i’ll let ya know when it’s in!!

Comment by wnng

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