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August 23rd, 2008 – Maple Stave’s EP3 Release.
September 10, 2008, 3:48 pm
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Back with another video edition!
Saturday, August 23rd, Durham’s Maple Stave put together a free EP release show at BCHQ. This is their 3rd release to date, all of which have pretty much been self-released, self-designed and self-printed EPs. They’ve got that DIY bug to ’em. They chose to organize the show and open it up, free of charge to anyone who wanted to come – only passing a hat for Cy. The CDep was handed out to anyone who asked. Evan muttered something along the lines of “we always end up charging our friends too much anyway, so this is our thanks.” That’s a total misquote probably, so technically I should leave off the quotations, but I’m not. This EP has basically become a thanks to anyone who has ever bought one of their CDs, paid to get into a show, bought a t-shirt or just plain listened to them on the radio.

After that first week, when they trickled down to the shop, they came in priced at a measely 5 bucks. And worth every penny of it. The Maple Stave were born musically from an era when the angular mathrock of Touch & Go and Matador bands reigned supreme. You could most definitely line their sound up with the 90s crews of Don Caballero, Dazzling Killmen and US Maple. More specifically, you can hear high respect for Chicago heavyweights Slint. The pieces are predominantly instrumental, but haunting vocals drift in and out through cracks in the stretches between movements.

Chris Williams, one of the guitarists/songwriters is also the creator of 1/3 of the hand-done flyers you see around town (alongside Matt Hart and Ron Liberti). Check out Plastic Flame Press.

Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan opened the night:

Red Collar played second:

Maple Stave closed out the night:


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