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This Past Weekend (another)
October 7, 2008, 5:41 pm
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German blister-speed garage rawkers, Dean Dirg, kick through the Brewery. On a Monday night no less. Our buddy Hank over at Thrashatorium Presents wrangled these guys, Cloak/Dagger, Logic Problem and R.B.T. into the old haunt of hardcore years past. This was the scene for many a Corrosion of Conformity and friends show and there’s a rich history planted and stained right into their concrete floors. Bad Brains, Circle Jerks and Black Flag among many others have graced the stage of this ridiculously long running venue. It’s a little removed from its past at this point as far as booking goes, but recently there’s been a steady amount of good ol’ rock and roll swinging back through. Reviving it for those of us slighly older than the average crowd.

As it’s been my unfortunate trend lately, I missed R.B.T. and Logic Problem. It was either R.B.T.’s first show or very close to it. I heard murmurs of fast metal with a bit of thrash thrown in. I was really bummed to have missed Logic Problem as I always love to see those guys. Dark, fast and snarly punk rock. The frontman is definitely bringing the Stiv Bators (Dead Boys) vibe, but the music is much more heavily propelled in the 80s hardcore vein. Even though I missed their set, Daniel still let me leave with the new LP by his other band, Devour. White vinyl version! Complete with a fold-out newsprint poster! More on them later though.

We wandered into the club just as Cloak/Dagger from Richmond was taking the stage. These guys are serious veterans of the Richmond punk and hardcore scene, but they’ve fallen into some killer Hot Snakes worship with this band. They started with a 7″ on their local label Grave Mistake (run by Alex of Government Warning) and quickly caught the attention of Jade Tree Records after just a few shows. They were immediately signed on for a full length which didn’t take too long to sneak out to the rabid public. The LP version was a little delayed but eventually saw light back on their original label, Grave Mistake. The full length is an amazing full-throttle, no frills, gutsy rawk record. Just amps cranked up and heavy drumming.

Cloak/Dagger (sorry for the crappy video and sound):

Next up was the eternally rowdy, Dean Dirg. Dean Dirg deliver fast, spinning rock and roll not too far off from the likes of the Circle Jerks. True rock set at the speed of hardcore. If you’re familiar with Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, you’ll absolutely love these guys. Roots for these guys can be traced back to the Mummies, the Rips Offs, Turbonegro and even Black Flag if you wanna push it back that far. With a sweet curly mop-top rippling down into a stunning mullet and one shiny, silver, dangly anchor earring, the frontman commands and beckons the crowd daring the beer cans to be flung. The music crashes and stays within minute-long boundaries, plenty of time to get said what needs to be said. This is just what I was out looking for this night. True, grit rock’n’roll. I picked up the new LP which is absolutely amazing and comes on neon green vinyl.

Dean Dirg:

More later!!!

Cola Freaks from Denmark played just a few nights after this in a living room in Raleigh!


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