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Quickie: New Pavement Reissue!!
October 12, 2008, 3:08 pm
Filed under: New Music, Revisiting the Old

Hey everyone, just writing a quick update today.
Matador is releasing the next installment in Pavement reissues on November 18th. Brighten the Corners. They’re running a pre-sale on it too which is actually pretty badass. This is their way of combating early downloads of albums and it’s a pretty cool way of doing it. Instead of complaining about people downloading advance copies, they’re giving incentive to avoid it, but you still get to hear it more than a month early. Another reason why Matador is leading the charge for indie labels in this day and age.

And this incentive involves limited vinyl, so…I thought it was highly worth mentioning here. Go to your local record shop and pre-order it, it’s completely worth it. Most local indie shops should be offering it. Bull City Records certainly is, so swing by if you’re in the area and interested in it!

The incentive for heading to your local shop and pre-ordering it:

Oct. 10th: entire double disc version up for stream
Oct. 15th: bonus track #1 released.
Nov. 4th: bonus track #2 released.
Nov. 18th: street date. pick up your double CD and a live Brighten the Corners-era show on vinyl!!

The price for the pre-order version should run around 26 or 27 bucks or so and the regular version will be around 17 bucks.

That’s it for now!


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