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Upcoming Shows!!
October 15, 2008, 1:43 pm
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Thursday, October 16th.
@ BCHQ. 9pm. 5 bucks.

Le Weekend
Cantwell Gomez & Jordan
Impossible Arms

(Ross wins with his description over at Triangle Rock.)

Monday, October 20th.
@ Local 506.

Pierced Arrows
Dirty Little Heaters

Pierced Arrows is Dead Moon. Essentially. Different drummer though. Fred Cole has been plugging away at the music game since 1960 in an early psychedelic garage band. Then he never grew up. I’d be comfortable saying he’s the Lemmy of the garage world. Today Fred Cole and his wife, Toody, make some of the best current garage rawk. They have remained DIY since nearly day one, even cutting their own vinyl on their own lathe and then releasing that vinyl on their own label. A couple years back Sub Pop put out a phenomenal anthology that is completely worth picking up. Last time I saw them, they lit a candle shoved into a whiskey bottle and played until it burned all the way out. Pretty rad. The Dirty Little Heaters are one of North Carolina’s great garage hopes. Reese has some of the finest howling, yowling pipes on the east coast. We’re talking the kind that send shivers up yer spine. Their new 7″ should be out soon on Churchkey Records!!

Saturday, October 25th.
@ BCHQ. 9pm. 5 bucks.

Grappling Hook
Actual Persons (Living or Dead)

HALLOWEEN SHOW!!! HOOKWRECKER ’08!! Were you there last year?? If so, you know what to expect, if not, don’t make the mistake again!! We all know the Torch Marauder. And we all know when so inclined, Torch can pack the customes. Epic, sprawling prog metal from the pipe-man himself with dual-neck guitar visions and cloaks spun of dark, horror-keys. Don’t forget the power madness brought from the werewolf behind the kit too! Shipwrecker lay out crooked shanties from the dark, empty seas crooned out in a J. Cash manner. They ride like tales of loneliness and dashed, broken dreams, but I have a feeling that’s not really the subject matter. What do you think? Actual Persons!! I’m psyched for this!! New project from the Cantwells and Joyce. Oh my, oh my. This’ll be my first time seeing them, so I don’t have much to say on them, but I bet it’s gonna be awesome. From their site – “Mezzo piano punk rock for Durham and beyond.” I’m sold!!

Sunday, October 26th.
@ BCHQ. 8pm. 5 bucks.

Used Kids
Whatever Brains

Pre-Fest showdown! Used Kids are on their way down to Gainesville’s Fest VII. They are from New York. Oh, and not only that, but they also just happen to be a super group created, almost Big Bang style, when the Modern Machines, the Ergs and Cheeky all melted into one another. the UKs are Nate and Danny, the main songwriters for MoMacs, Mikey Erg, of the glorious Ergs and countless other amazing bands and Kate from Cheeky! Soooo, from that you should be able to kinda figure out their sound, right? Yeah. Awesome pub rock riddled punk pop. Whatever Brains are new to the Raleigh scene, but they’re old mainstays in their own rites. Members of Crossed Eyes, Grass Widows, etc. They play hyperfast jittery poppy garage. Kinda a dark cross between the Adverts and the Marked Men with a skewed view on Ronnie Spector’s wall-of-sound creation.

Monday, October 27th.
@ Reservoir. 9pm. 5 bucks.

Pretty Boy Thorson & the F’n A’s
Movers & Shakers
Cortez the Killer

Pretty Boy Thorson are Durham’s wayward brothers from Minneapolis. They’ll usually blaze through town in a haze of beer and racket once or twice a year. They’ve kicked up dirt at both the James Joyce and Siren’s. They hit Siren’s on Halloween night one year ago with the Dry Heathens. That was a show. They play a country punk blend close to what you’d get if you crossed Merle Haggard with the Dillinger 4. Reckless and awesome in a style not too far off from the Replacements. Cortez is on tour with them and they play a twangy, upbeat garage punk hybrid as well. Surprisingly catchy in a Replacements manner as well.

Movers & Shakers. These guys you really gotta move out to see. I highly recommened it. It’s going to be one of those shows that you’re just plain glad and grinnin’ that you came out on a Monday night to see. Don’t believe me? Take a second out of your day and listen to “Boom Splat” on their myspace page. I haven’t heard something this refreshing in a loooooong time. How do you describe that? Dark and ominous, heartbreaking western rock’n’roll? Sounds like it came out of some murky, damp spot beneath the floorboards of a flophouse in the old west. It’s got the feel of old Social D meets the Neighborhoods but extremely more classic and timeless sounding; even more layers of outlaw country.

Now, I know I’ve said this many times before, but this is it. This is for real. If you want to transport yourself back to that feel from the heyday of earth shattering shows and tours by the likes of the Replacements, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, the Neighborhoods, etc – this is the night to come out. It’s gonna be something amazing and I can guarantee you will be happy you came out.

Thursday, October 30th.
@ Local 506.

Jay Reatard
Cola Freaks
Grass Widow

You’ve heard me rave over Jay Reatard many times before and now’s your chance to go out and experience it. Last time he came through it was with Double Negative in Raleigh and he sped through a blistering, amphetamine soaked 20 minute set. I imagine this show will be a little longer and a bit more full, but man, if it’s anything like the last one, we’re in for something special. That was just a little over a year ago and he’s already more than doubled his solo recordings. Dark, hooky garage punk is what we’re gonna get. I’ll try and post some video from last year’s show later today. The Cola Freaks just came over from Denmark. Very similar to Reatard in that catchy, weirdo garage punk vein. They played a house in Raleigh a week or two ago and I’ll get that footage up this afternoon too. It’ll explain better than my words. It’s amazing and super high energy, so it’ll be fully worth the trek out to Chapel Hill. It’s a good idea to catch this show, as I suspect next time it comes through town it’ll be a Cradle-size show. Catch it while it’s in the smaller venue!

See ya out!!


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holy shit & movers and shakers. i saw these guys when i was in boston this summer. i think i still have the little skeleton maraca they handed out.

Comment by geoff

ooh! i hope they have skeleton maracas when they get down here!! it’s one of my ollllld friend’s bands.

Comment by wnng

pierced arrows and jay reatard in the same month?

holy freaking batman!

Comment by Greg Barbera

I guess I don’t get to wear a wig and sing at the PBTs show this time around, huh?

Comment by Kyle

ummmm…actually kyle, i’d very much so appreciate it if you did. please.

Comment by wnng

I saw DLH at Chaz’s upstairs room before the move. There was a touring punk band on the bill and I remember watching their lead guitarist wrestle his 150 lb vox amp up the stairs with shock and awe on his face and sweat on his brow, it was amusing.

Later as DLH were setting up I remember a girl sheepishly walk up to Reece and ask, “can I see your guitar?” Reece passed it along with a chuckle and a bewildered grin and the girl cradled it, petting it like a puppy. I think I ever heard her say “it’s so cute.” It was neat to see the admiration and emotion before the show. Then she fired it up and melted the paint off the walls.

Comment by Jeremy Blair

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