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April 23, 2009, 5:28 pm
Filed under: Ramble

Too much time in the Twittersphere and I’ve had no time for posting here! What a sham I’ve become. 500 word music “essays” errr “reviews” errrr “ramblings” have for some reason become daunting now that Twitter exists. I am only allowed to use 140 characters! Brilliant! Toss out a quick “listen to this record, it’s sweet” and life feels good and oh, so simple.

If you can’t find me here for long stretches, it’s probably because I’m over there complaining about what happened on Carson Daly last night. Damn that Carson Daly. I can’t quit you still.

Float yer twitterself over here and say hi!


Make sure you go out to the Wild Wild Geese (ex-Spider Bags, Rongo Rongo, etc.) and Goodnight Loving show at the Cave in Chapel Hill tomorrow night (Friday, 11pm). It’s gonna be amazing. Them Milwaukee boys in the Goodnight Loving play some of the best twang-garage rawk you’re gonna hear this year. No joke. Beer-tossin’ rawk’n’roll. It’s also no joke that something seriously stinks in here. And it might be coming from what I might have just eaten. Oops.


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