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New Stock! (and some Oh Sees chatter)
May 5, 2009, 4:10 pm
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Check it – http://www.bullcityrecords.com/newstock.html

Listening to the new Oh Sees LP on In the Red right now. Just got off the first side and I’m still itching with excitement over the fact that this record came in today. Even with the intense anticipation that I let build up around this record (one of my very favorite bands putting out an album on one of my very favorite labels), it’s just what I needed to hear right now.

I’m even catching a buzz just thinking about getting off my ass and flipping this thing over! Pink vinyl?? Yes!! If you have not heard their last LP on Tomlab, The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In, you should probably go out and pick that up right now. Once you’ve listened to it about 5 times today, which you will, return to the same record store and buy the new one, Help, right away. You will feel happier and lighter about your day and you will get a charge on hearing the return of good, new music. Thee Oh Sees blend a spiraling collage out of bouncy 60s garage, reverbed psych moments and a driving, playful rhythm. This album is proving to be a lot more fuzzy garage than the last more spacey garage folk record.

It was basically started as a one-man, lo-fi, basement psych/folk/garage sound project with many layers and freakouts on Narnack Records (OCS), but it has since morphed into a more collaborative effort by some very capable and experimental San Francisco folks (OCS becomes Thee Oh Sees). John Dwyer has been pushing and deconstructing his sounds since his early days on Load Records. Back in the heyday of noise duos (Hella, Lightning Bolt, etc), Dwyer was right on the same page and making noise along side them with his outfit, Pink & Brown. One of my old roommates turned me on to these guys and Dwyer quickly became one of my favorite guitar players. I like noise rock enough, but Pink & Brown had more going on than the usual crowd, I could get behind it a little more – maybe there was a little more structure or rhythm to the drive? a little more hook to the builds? less finger tapping? – I don’t know, but it got me.

From there he crashed into the Coachwhips. Oh man, this beast is one of the catalysts in hooking me on the more noisy, squawly side of garage rock. I was done for after this. This is right about where my sweet, sweet partner-in-crime started disliking my tastes in music. She was also done. Coachwhips combined the squawl, noise and dissonance of Pink & Brown, but crafted it into a maddeningly hooky and primal form of simple rock and roll. It was frill-less and powerful like the Hot Snakes, but artsy and out there enough to really hinge on the experimental wave. Feedback was like another member for the Coachwhips. Your own ears became an active member of the band too if you could hold on and ride the records out. It was amazing. But that didn’t last long.

Now comes Thee Oh Sees. The next public morphing of John Dwyer and his active genius for songwriting. Am I overselling this record? Probably. Some might just see it as another garage record. But like I said before, this album and all of his others have been just what I have needed to hear when I needed to hear it.

Settle back in your favorite chair tonight, get a beer or a cool glass of water and get ready for the waves and layers of warm fuzzy, hooky guitar lines, catchy vocal riffs and all the recording fire that too many bands are missing these days. This LP is psychedelic and weird in the right places and then charges on a riff right when you’ve locked in and are starting to get comfortable.


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You know what I like about his record? It seems to take it’s psychedelic cues from the incredibly-uncool Moody Blues, rather than the Kinks or Pretty Things or Creation. The way the harmonies work would be corny if there wasn’t so much clatter in the backing. The Moodys had some killer pop-psych, augmented with horrible poetry.

Oh Sees have really worked out a vocal style that makes them unique in the garage punk world. ( title=”here’s the rest of my take on it:)

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messed up that link…


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