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New Blog Addition.
August 8, 2008, 1:27 pm
Filed under: Found Treasures

Just added another blog in the sidebar there to the left last week.


A great blog remembering past power pop bands. They run through the last 4 decades, so everyone’s bound to find something they love. Me, I love it all. I stumbled across it looking for some information on the Neighborhoods and boy did I find it. Plus some older local bands. Find some time to kill and check it out.

Definitely check out the two compilations that were recently released on the blog. “Raiders of the Lost Hook.” There are currently two volumes up dedicated to slinging at us some of the best, lost hooky gems. I think the criteria for the comps is that the band released one great single, album or EP and then disappeared back into obscurity never able to recreate it. The best kind.